Modafinil Fatigue Relief

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Every individual is prone to be affected of fatigue at some point or the other. Day-to-day factors trigger the onset of fatigue and both physical and mental causes can be attributed to this medical condition. To get relief from this condition, one needs to undertake a period of brief rest. The capacity to overcome fatigue varies with individual’s resistance levels. If a person is healthy the resistance levels are high. Whereas individuals who are down with medical condition are undergoing some medications will find it hard to cope up with fatigue. The resistance level to overcome fatigue in people who are affected of serious medical condition is very low. And that too, people battling HIV condition will have a hard time in overcoming it.

What is HIV?

HIV is a medical condition that is caused as a result of complete failure in the immune system. When a person develops HIV he/she is at risk of contracting many other medical complications. The most common problem which all HIV infected patients encounter is tiredness and fatigue. Generally, people affected of HIV consume lot of energy because they are on a constant battle with the deadly human immunodeficiency virus. In case of high viral load, the individual battles with high levels of fatigue. The prime objective of any HIV treatment is to decrease the levels of HIV virus in the blood to a very reasonable extent. People undergoing HIV treatment generally experience an improvement in their energy levels after a few days of time. Though there are several medications that improve the fatigue levels in a HIV-infected individual, there are some that causes fatigue too. The most prominent of all symptoms that these kinds of people experience are sleep disturbances and insomnia, and this is because of the high intensity medication. The lentvirus that trigger this condition sucks energy from the cells that are responsible for its reproduction. The symptoms of HIV-associated fatigue are depression, anxiety, pain, sleep problems and other infections.

Treating fatigue in HIV infected people with Modafinil

Off late, several researches have been undertaken to identify the best effective medication that can offer necessary reprieve from fatigue in HIV affected people. Fortunately, these have started yielding some results. And the recent finding is that medications like Modafinil alleviate the symptoms of fatigue and enables an HIV-affected person to gain the lost strength. According to the latest clinical trial, 73% of HIV affected people experienced effective response to fatigue from Modafinil medication. In fact, it also alleviates symptoms depression and sadness associated with this medical condition.

What is Modafinil?

Modafinil is basically a medication that produces wakefulness in individuals affected of various mental disorders. Perhaps, it is a medication generally recommended for treating neuropsychiatric disorders. However, the efficacy of this medication in offering relief from fatigue condition in HIV affected people can be attributed to its potential in treating neurological fatigue. Through a clinical trial, it has been observed that those who underwent Modafinil medication experienced less fatigue whereas people who took placebo didn’t experience any reprieve from the medical condition. Perhaps, the medication can improve the alertness, productivity and concentration of an individual concerned. Indeed, it can stimulate the increase the dopamine of a greater extent. Though Modafinil doesn’t improve the mood it improves the energy level in HIV affected people thus giving them relief from fatigue conditions. It is well tolerated in fatigue affected people.

How Modafinil offers relief from fatigue in HIV infected people?

Compared to other medication, Modafinil is chemically unique from other traditional stimulants. It offers considerable relief from fatigue levels by impacting the neurotransmitters located in the brain. When an HIV affected individual consumes this medication it increases the levels of neurotransmitters like Dopamine, histamine, serotonin, glutamate, GABA and Orexins. The neurotransmitter Dopamine is responsible for ensuring stable communication between neurons. Perhaps, it is what that is associated with reward signals in the brain. It is acts as a stimulant in the central nervous system, thus increasing the availability of dopamine levels in the brain.

In fact, this medication increases the hypothalamic levels in the brain. Neurons such as histamine can be found in the hypothalamus region. When histamine levels increases a HIV infected person can be assured of experiencing a proper sleep because of which the fatigue levels com down. Persons affected of HIV would be able to perform his/her duties without any difficulty upon consuming Modafinil. The most common condition associated with fatigue is the low energy low levels.

HIV affected people should eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Indeed, by having a diet rich in nutrition and other vital components they can reduce the fatigue levels. At instances of extreme fatigue, individuals battling HIV should consult a proper HIV dietitian. Generally, people infected of HIV suffer from Anemia which is a condition caused as a result of lack of red blood cells subsequently resulting in fatigue conditions. With Modafinil, a HIV infected people can be assured of better relief as it works in the brain to cause the desired effect. The bioavailability of this medication in HIV infected people is 80%. About 60% of Modafinil is bound to plasma proteins; however it varies with the health condition of an individual. The half-life of the medication varies between 10 – 12 hours. The metabolization process happens in the liver and the active metabolites are discharged through urine. Off late, the medication is most sought after for offering relief from fatigue conditions in HIV infected people.