How to get prescriptions filled online?

Getting your prescriptions filled online is much easier than what you would have thought of. It is indeed an easy way of procuring pills from the pharmacy but in a digital way. Like brick and mortar pharmacy stores, you need to furnish a few particulars while having to get prescription online. The details are few and important ones like your name, age, doctor’s name, address and other vital information. Filling your prescription online is veritably a smart choice. Read the below pointers to help you understand the process involved in order to get your prescription filled and have a happy and cherishing medical shopping experience.

The steps involved filling your prescriptions online

  • Select an online pharmacy where you are going to get your prescription filled
  • Create a login ID if you are a new user
  • Log in to your existing account if you are a regular user
  • Fill up the form that appears in front of you after you log in
  • Fill in your age, date of birth, name, address, contact number and e-mail address
  • Mention the reason for which you are taking the medicine
  • Enter the particulars of the doctor like doctor’s name, qualification, contact number and address
  • Fill up the list of medicines on the pharmacy portal (exactly as written on the prescription) including its dosage strength or you can scan the prescription and upload over the digital pharmacy site
  • Choose the number of pills you would be requiring
  • You would be receiving the date on which your parcel will be disbursed to you
  • If you are satisfied with the date, you can proceed ahead to make the transaction process and get your receipt
  • Your prescription is thus filled
  • Refilling of the prescription also happens in a similar way

What you need to take care of while getting your prescription filled online?

When you are going to fill or refill your prescription online, make sure you select an authentic and trustworthy digital drug portal. As there are many online pharmacies evolving rapidly, there is a chance that you could encounter spurious drug portals that could sell counterfeit medicines. See if the online medicine store has secured payment gateway and discreet delivery mechanism so that you are receiving drugs from safe hands and that your particulars including a name of the pills are maintained as confidential. If you have an insurance and if your insurance provider is going to pay for the drugs you are going to purchase, check whether the medicine list you are about to place orders are covered under the policy.

What should you not be doing while getting your prescription filled online?

Do not be in a haste when you are filling your prescription over the online platform. If you are ordering the medicines hurriedly, you might happen to enter your most crucial information without thinking twice that could prove to be very complicated and indicating for you. Do not choose any other drug if the exact medicine is not available unless you are sure you can do so.